Hyolmo-Sindhu-Melamchi SUP Imp.Committee

helmoHyolmo-Sindhu-Melamchi Valley Social Uplift Program Implementation Committee (HSMVSUPIC)
Hyolmo-Sindhu-Melamchi Valley Social Uplift Program Implementation Committee (HSMVSUPIC) has been formed to directly involve the local people in the implementation of different social uplift programs in 14 VDCs (Hyolmo, Kiul, Ichok, Palchok, Dubachaur, Mahankal, Talamarang, Thakani, Haibung, Bhotechaur, Sindhukot, Bansbari, Fatakshila and Melamchi) of project affected areas.

An agreement was signed between MWSDB and HSMVSUPIC on 2064/8/26 as per the instructions of the Ministry of Physical Planning and Works (MPPW) based on the decision made at the Minister level of MPPW, the government of Nepal on 2064/5/20.

The objective of the agreement is to raise the living standards of local people who are far behind from the access to financial, social, educational, health, agricultural and other income generating developmental activities by minimizing adverse impacts from the project through the identification, selection, prioritization, implementation, supervision, and monitoring of social upliftment program.

In order to meet these objectives and run the SUP activities smoothly, efficiently and effectively for all sorts of programs such as – buffer zone, health, education, rural electrification, income generation and community development, rural infrastructure development and human resource development including other development activities at local level, HSMVSUPIC will play a vital role. HSMVSUPIC has also developed SUP implementation guidelines and let allpartners to follow the guideline strictly to VDCs.

Mission/Vision of HSMVSUPIC
Community affected from Melamchi Water Supply Project will develop their capacity by utilizing the available means and resources on implementation of activities that are self reliant, sustainable and impacts for long term.

Approaches of HSMVSUPIC
Approaches for Social Uplift Program to be implemented by HSMVSUPI Committee will be as follows:

a) Community Participatory (based on Community participation)
b) Production of skilled, semi skilled human resources sustainable for local level.
c) Creation of more opportunities for employment at local level. (increment in employment)
d) Utilization of materials, means and resources.
e) Activities for financial upliftment of project affected person/community. ( financial upliftment related activities for project affected person/ community)

Members of Current MSMVSUPIC Committee:

The constitution of HSMVSUPIC is approved by DAO, Sindhupalchowk as an independent NGO under Association Registration Act 2034 and following are the current executive members of this committee.

Current Board Members
Chairperson Mr. Chandra Bahadur Thapa
Vice-chairperson Mr. Dhurba Lal Sherestha
Treasurer Shiva Prasad Lamichhane
Secretary Ms. Sabitri Shrestha
Member Mr. Upendra Tamang
Member Mr. Gyan Bdr. Tamang
Member Mr. Bhim Bdr. Gurung
Member Mr. Tshiring Lama
Member Mr. Ongdi Lama
Member Ms. Bhagawati Nepal
Member Ms. Maya Bol
Member Ms. Kalimaya Gurung
Member Ms. Shanti Gajurel
Member Ms Rohini B. Ka.
Member Mr. Laxman Baraili
Member Mr. Damber Bdr. Aryal
Member Mr. Norshang Lama
Member Mr. Gopal Nepal
Member Mr. Tej Bahadur Tamang
Member Mr. Lila Bahadur Jyoti
Member Mr. Jit Bahadur Tamang
Member Mr. Sancha Bahadur Tamang
Member Ms. Lanam Lama
Member Mr. Ganga Bdr. Danuwar
Member Mr. Harka Tamang
Member Mr. Devendra Ghorasaini
Member Mr. Jirlama Tamang
Member Mr. Ram Bahadur Lama
Member Mr. Dip Lal Chaulagai
Member Mr. Siddhi Narayan Shrestha
Member Secretary Mr. Dibakar Pd. Dhakal

Advisory Board
Advisor Mr. Chiranjibi Achary
Advisor Mr. Sagar Kumar Shrestha
Advisor Mr. Bal Krishna Deuja
Advisor Mr. Amar Bahadur Pandit
Advisor Mr. Shambhu Pd. Pandey
Advisor Mr. Ratna Prasad Shrestha

Accounting Committee
Coordinator Mr. Krishna Prasad Chaulagai
Member Mr. Harka Tamang
Member Ms. Sanu Ramtel

Note – This committee is formed after voting by the members and representatives of 154 members (11 VCC from each of 14 VDCs).