Project Management Consultants (PMC)

pmcThe Project Management Consultant (PMC) has been supporting in different aspects of the project since December 2001. The major focus of the PMC services is to assist the MWSDB to maintain and improve an enabling environment for the MWSDB staff to arrive at prudent, efficient, effective and timely decisions based on sound international and national practices, procurement guidelines and engineering principles. The PMC ensures that the project achieves the highest standards of compliance in environmental, social, resettlement and other similar safeguards activities by highly skilled, experienced and well trained consultant staff, monitoring and improving management systems.

Major objective of the PMC include:

  • To provide strategic project management skills thereby ensuring the maintenance of efficient implementation management systems;
  • To ensure timely and high quality implementation management performance and successful conclusion of the sub-project by providing effective risk, time and cost management advice; and
  • To provide technical advisory and capacity building services to MWSDB and associate stakeholders of the sub-project. Total cost incurred by the PMC services is US$ 2.3 million US$.

PMC- Scope of Work
General scope of PMC includes strategic decision making, implementation and management of project performance, risk management, cost control and scheduling. In addition PMC shall advise MWSDB and funding agencies of any deviations in the agreed project implementation processes, schedules and activities with best solution to remedy these delays. PMC assists MWSDB to maintain an improved management arrangement of the Board that ensures successful project implementation.

Suggest MWSDB to maintain appropriate fiscal management, facilitate the coordination of implementing and funding agencies activities; staff; consultants, contractor and the public this includes reporting and alerting project stakeholders on the project progress and impacts.

Undertake the preparatory works for procurement and consultancy recruitment, including preparation of terms of reference, bidding documents and assist the Board in evaluation and selection good and services as and when required.

Assist board to prepare and implement human resource development plan /policies that enhances professional competencies of the staff and agents in order to serve the project with an internationally practiced efficiency and standard.

Contract Management
PMC shall support to manage overall procurement plan including bidding, evaluation and selection/award – this includes preparing, inviting, evaluating and negotiating all bids for various consultancy services and constructions bids;

In addition, PMC monitor contracts, various and extensions of time and build the capacity of MWSB to keep an up-to-date record of contract prices and completion dates. It also assist in building the capacity of the MWSDB to ensure that funding agency construction supervision guidelines and requirement as stipulated in the loan/grant agreements are followed.

Financial Management
Assist MWSDB in monitoring and maintenance of all administrative and financial systems and procedures needed to enable the MWSDB to ensure the effective coordination and implementation to the project services as an internationally accepted standard in the real time financial management using modern technologies and practices.

In addition, PMC provides training and capacity building to Board’s staff in keeping up-date-financial records and maintain real time database of contracts, disbursements, payments and advances.

Information Management
PMC shall assist MWSDB to maintain appropriate management information systems that provide real time and appropriate quality information to managers, implementers and stakeholders. These includes design and recommend the Board to establish systems to collect, compile, update and analyze the baseline data and real time management information system (MIS), Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) and IT systems and assist in its institutionalization.

It also assists the Board to prepare different types reports for submission to higher authorities and the funding agencies.
Interfaces and Coordination
Assist MWSDB in taking overall responsibility for managing and coordinating the interfaces between Kathmandu based office and Melamchi based field office and sub-project components. Facilitate communication and coordination among government, donor communities, executing agency (MWSDB) and stakeholders, subprojects and the public;

Assist MWSDB in maintaining a proactive informative campaign and dialogues with supporting/opposing stakeholders both from Melamchi sites and Kathmandu.

Analyze skill gaps and plan, initiate and delivery of training required to assist the Board and its staffs as and when required.

Social and Environmental
Support MWSDB in monitoring of project performance and inputs of social development program’s consultants. Help the board in maintaining and updating strategies and plans for social and environmental safeguards this includes – monitoring and improvement the design for community oriented social and environmental components and facilitated to corresponding stakeholders for its compliance.

PMC shall provide technical assistance to other issues raised in project implementation as and when required.
Lahmeyer International GmbH, Germany in association with Total Management Services, Nepal and Butwal Power Company, Nepal has been working as the PMC (III) since July 2009

Detailed information regarding PMC can be obtained from:
Lahmeyer International GmbH, Germany

Total Management Services, Nepal

Butwal Power Company, Nepal