Public Relation

pub-relation1(i) Assists the MWSDB and HSMVSUPIC in establishing a proactive informative campaign and dialogue with concerned stakeholders in both the Melamchi and Kathmandu valleys.

(ii) Promote the benefits of the MWSP, targeting project-affected people, project stakeholders, the general public and non-government organization (NGOs); and support HSMVSUPIC’s public relation activities.

(iii) Proactively organize public relations events, in coordination with MWSDB, HSMVSUPIC and the PMC (i.e., mobilize media and engage in a fact-based debate with social activists to separate reality from myth regarding MWSP, its activities and intent).

(iv) Organize, at least once in three months, meeting with other stakeholders such as the local bodies, VDCs and NGOs in order to disseminate information and seek feedback as stipulated in the loan agreements and other documents for the project.

(v) Assist in the development of PR skills to MWSDB’s staff by organizing training and capacity building programs. Prepare and submit a plan of such programs as part of the consultant’s inception report.

(vi) Promote understanding among local communities , project and affected people so that conflicts are lessened and the project is executed smoothly;

(vii) Identify and potential conflict area at an early stage and assist safeguard unit to take timely measures to avert it.

(vii) Create awareness on the role of HSMC and local communities in management and handling grievances and implementation of safeguard activities including social uplift programme.

(ix) Prepare monthly, quarterly and annual progress report with a summary of periodic and cumulative figures and data.

(x) Carry out public relation campaign such as health camp, teachers training and capacity enhancement programme of local educational instructions etc.