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Certificate of Recognition by ADB and MoF

Appreciation of Performance of Implementation Headworks  and Water Diversion Tunnel Construction work of Melamchi Water Supply Project

We are pleased to inform that Melamchi Water Supply Development Board has been awarded best performing Asian Development Bank assisted project for the first time in the history of the project. It took sixteen years, ever since the project implementation was started in 2001, for this.

Melamchi Water Supply Development Board, MWSDB, finally achieved this feat of best performing project for the year 2016 on the basis of performance indicators and the project was awarded today for the achievement in Tripartite first Portfolio Review Mission 2017  jointly organized by Ministry of Finance and Asian Development Bank Nepal Resident Mission.

Restart of the project, after the devastating earthquake of April 2015, slopes failure, rock falls and landslides, washing of the accesses to the project by following monsoon compounded by the unjustified blockade of Nepal-India Boarder for very long time which almost crippled Nepalese economy, was not very smooth and the performances of the project was far from satisfactory during first quarter of the year 2016. The  project team put all efforts for bringing the project into the track and the effects started to emerge by May-June and continued to show the record making achievement of more than one kilometer tunnel excavating performance in the month of August 2016. However, the excavation rate reduced in the following months. Despite this, the project could achieve tunnel excavation of about 8.5  kilometers during 2016. After the breakthrough of Sundarijal-Sindhu tunnel section in 28 December 2016, the section is about 10 km long, the tunnel construction work has reached the final stage  with remaining 4.5 kilometers. The work is under construction through four faces and MWSDB  intends to complete the tunnel construction work by July 2017. The plan for delivery of water from Melamchi Water Supply Project to the residents of Kathmandu Valley is by October 2017.

This is a very proud moment for everyone of us who were involved day in and day out in the project activities during this period. I express sincere thanks and gratitudes,  on the behalf of the Board and myself, to all of you; the political leadership, higher authorities, respected Board members, my predecessors, the colleagues, friends, news medias, local people in the project area, the professionals of Consultants and the Contractor, well wishers and the residents of Kathmandu Valley, who always inspired MWSDB Management team and hard working project staff of the Board for better performance through their constructive advices and suggestions, guidances and of course criticisms when the things not moving as planned and above all of them the valuable contributions.

In this moment of achievement, I would like to remember the hard work executed by the workers who spend their days and nights together for bringing the project to this state and expressed sincere thanks to all of them and invite them for more professional efforts to deliver for early competition of the project. I also urge for making effective contributions towards realizing the the project’s long standing aspirations of improving living conditions of the people of capital city through provision of good quality water supply services in a sustainable manner and the project affected people of Melamchi Valley by implementation of meaningful interventions through social safeguard program.

I am aware of the fact that this is not only moment of joy and happiness on the achievement in implementation of the project but it is indeed high time for renewal of commitment for putting concerted efforts for delivery of objectives of the project as early as possible. I would like to express my full commitment towards achievement of the project goals.

Also, I invite all of the concerned people/ stakeholders for showing their support and efforts towards achieving the objectives of the project execution.

I thank you all once again for your valuable contributions to this project.


Ghanashyam Bhattarai

Executive Director

Melamchi Water Supply Development Board

Devkota Marg, Mid Baneshwor



26 February 2017