Management Structure

theboard2The Management Structure of MWSDB refers all management units established to support different activities of the Melamchi Water Supply project. The central office at Minbhawan, Kathmandu (Board’s Office) is headed by the Executive Director (Member Secretary of the Board) with two major unit each headed by the Deputy Executive Director.

i. Project Management Unit (PMU) and
ii. Project Implementation Unit (PIU)

i. Project Management Unit (PMU)
Under PMU, at the central office, there are again five major divisions i.e. Administration, Procurement, Finance and Accounts, Engineering and Legal.

Most of the managerial services pertinent to administration, procurement, finance and engineering are performed from the central office (Kathmandu). Also, the legal division provides counseling on different legal issues relating to project implementation, compensation, re-settlement and tendering related activities.

Further, PMU coordinates to line agencies like – the ministry, the national planning commission, ministry of finance and other government bodies which needs different services and support while implementing the project. All activities pertinent to communicate with Donors, Experts and Specialist etc. are also a major task of PMU. This includes reporting and maintaining a balance among the government, donors and other stakeholders which are working in different sectors in the project.

ii. Project Implementation Unit (PIU)
PIU on the other hand mainly refers to the management of Melamchi Camp site Office located at the Melamchi Pool Bazar of Sindhupalchowk district and is responsible for the implementation of construction activities carried by MWSDB. This site office is focused to serve different project related services and support from the field level. Not only this, PIU work to its best to create a friendly working environment at the Project Site.

This office provides all sorts of administrative and managerial services to Contractors who performs different construction work at the project site. PIU also facilitate all local bodies to executive various project related services implemented under Social Upliftment Program (SUP). In case of difficulties and emergencies PIU can coordinate/report to PMU for further support to facilitate the project activities at the project site.

Please Click here (<>) for a brief Management Structure Chart with details of all units functional in the project operation and implementation.