Projective Coverage

coverage2Melamchi project is located in Kathmandu and Sindhupalchowk District in the Central Development Region of Nepal. The intake site is located in the upper part of the Melamchi River basin about one km north west of Dorin Village and about 0.5 km south east of Ghwakang village at an elevation of about 1425 m.a.s.l near Riberma. The project areas stretches from the intake at Melamchi river to the outlet at Sundarijal, about 14 km north-east of Kathmandu city.

Melamchi Dirversion Scheme (MDS) covers three components:

  • Intake in Melamchi River, near the village of Gwakhan, about 21 km upstream of Melamchi Pul Bazar;
  • Two distilling basins where suspended sediment down to a size of 0.2 mm will be trapped and disposed; and
  • Water Diversion tunnel, about 26.0 km long from Riberma Inlet to Sundarijal Outfall.

Access to the Melamchi Valley

Access to the Melamchi Valley is from the Arniko Highway near Lamidanda, along the existing road to elamchi Pul Bazar. This road is extended to Timbu and referred to as the Melamchi Valley Main Access Road. The Adit access roads are as follows:

  • From Timbu to the intake adit;
  • From the Melamchi Valley Main Access Road at Patichaur to the Gyalthum adit; and
  • From the Panchkal-Melamchi Pul Bazar road at Bahunepati to the Sidhu adit.

Kathmandu Valley access is along an existing road from Jorpati to Sundarijal and from Sundarijal to the tunnel downstream portal, along a road with an alignment similar to an existing VDC road.