Melamchi WS Project

Melamchi Water Supply Project Sub Project 1

Melamchi Water Supply development Board (MWSDB) is Implementing the first phase of Melamchi Water Supply Project(sub Project-1) to divert 170 Million liters of water a day to Kathmandu valley from Riberma at Melamchi River to Sundarijal of Kathmandu through a 26.0 km long water tunnel.The Main features of sub project- 1 are

  1. Construction of Melamchi Diversion Tunnel .
  2. Construction of Water Treatment Plant at Sundarijal
  3. Social upliftment Program in project affected VDCs of Sindhupalchowk and Kabhrepalanchowk

Distribution part of Melamchi water Supply Project (Subproject-2 ) is being Implemented by the Project Inplemantation directorate (PID) of Kathmandu Valley Water Supply Improvement Programms.The main component of sub project 2 are

1.Construction of Bulk distribution Pipeline from Sundarijal Water treatment Plant.

2.Construction of Distribution reservoirs in Kathmandu Valley.

3. Construction of Distribution Networks in Kathmandu Valley