WTP Contractor

wtp-contractThe Contractor for the construction of Water Treatment Plant (WTP) is still to award. The design and supervision consultant has been performing all its pre-requisites to announce the Contract. This task consists of design, estimation and documentation before going for Bidding.

The work under this Contract will include, but will not be limited to, furnishing all labour, materials, appurtenances, tools, equipment and construction technology necessary for the Melamchi Water Supply Project, Contract No. WTP/01, Construction of Water Treatment Plant at Sundarijal that covers both civil and electrical/mechanical work to construc.

Some major work under this contract may be defined as:

  • The connection to the pipeline laid under the Melamchi Diversion Scheme (MDS) from the end of the tunnel to near the water treatment plant;
  • The treatment plant which will have an initial capacity of 170 Ml/d is designed to be extended to 510 Ml/d. The work includes the reception chamber, mini-hydro power generation, distribution chamber, flocculation basins, sedimentation basins, filtration units, pipe gallery, clear water reservoir, sludge lagoons, Central Building Complex comprising chemical facilities, maintenance facilities and administration facilities and on-site pipework;
  • The treated water transmission main from the treatment plant to the connection with the bulk distribution system (BDS); all ancillary works including roads and site works; and
  • Testing, commissioning and training of MWSDB (or other designated) personnel for the works under the Contract.