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activityI. Construction of Tunnel and Headwork

The tunnel has been designed for 6 m3/s capacity to bring 510 million liter per day (MLD) water from Melamchi Valley to Kathmandu Valley and present project is designed for transferring 170 MLD water from Melamchi River. Additional 340 MLD water will be transferred through the tunnel with implementation of Phase – II of the project .

The Melamchi Water Diversion Scheme  includes construction of headworks and water diversion tunnel of approximately 26.0 km from Riberma Intake (Sindhupalchowk) to Sundarijal outlet – Kathmandu.The total lengh of tunnel to be constructed is 27.584 km including three adit tunnels,headworks diversion tunnel of 235 m ,a 39 m flushing tunnel at Ambathan adit along with a 46 m access tunnel on the way to Headworks.

The tunnel construction work sites are located at three adit sites and connected by the outlet portal at Sundarijal in Kathmandu and Adits at Sindhu, Gyalthum and Ambathan in Sindhupalchowk. The longest stretch of the tunnel construction section is of the length of 6.1 kilometer from Sundarijal portal site toward Sindhu Adit.

The Chinese Contractor CRCC has started the construction of tunnel from February 2009. This contract, contract no. MDS/DT/01 was terminated in September 2012 due to slow progress of the contractor. CRCC has completed around 6.5 Km including main and adit tunnels. The second contract for construction of remaining length of tunnel and headworks as awarded to CMC Di Ravenna of Italy, contract no.  MDS/DT/02 in 15 July 2013. It has started construction works  from January 2014 . The contractor has completed the excavation of  21.145 Km tunnel in March 2018. The final finishing work of tunnel including tunnel invert concrete is also started after sundarijal Sindhu  9.344 Km section Breakthrough took place on 28 December 2016. 25 Km lenght of tunnel was completed by final finishing and invert by the contractor until 15 December 2018, before leaving the construction site with unknown reasion. The contract was terminated on 7th February 2019.

The board has being implementing the 10 contracts including 2 major packages for Construction of Headworks, tunnel and other structures. The new contract for construction of headworks and tunnel are being executed by the Sinohydro. Agreement was made on 29th September 2019 and 11 October 2019. The contract duration for tunnel and headworks is 12 and 15 months respectively .

If if you are interested to know about detailed description of works or any extra information regarding the forthcoming tunnel tender please contact us at:

Melamchi Water Supply Development Board (MWSDB
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Kathmandu, Nepal
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ii. Construction Maintenance and Management of Access Roads
Adit Access Road (AAR) – AAR refers the roads to reach to different Adit points of the project sites which include – Sindhu Adit (Bahunepati – Sindhu Adit ,15.4 km), Gyalthum Adit (Shera to Gyalthum Adit, 4.2 km) and Ambathan Adit (Timbu – Main Intake at Ambathan Adit, 0.70 km).

  • MDS – AAR 01- Hanil Conico (Tender cancelled due to managerial problem)
  • MDS – AAR 02- CCECC-Sharma -Lama JV – Sindhu Gyaldhum Adit Marga
  • MDS – AAR/03- Surya-Jaya OM-DS Construction JV – Sundarijal Adit Access Road
  • The treated water transmission main from the treatment plant to the connection with the bulk distribution system (BDS); all ancillary works including roads and site works; and
  • Testing, commissioning and training of MWSDB (or other designated) personnel for the works under the Contract.

Main Access Road (MAR)– MAR refers the road from Melamchi Pul Bazar to Timbu which length18 km long including 10 bridges.

This portion of the road has several local and international contractors in joint ventures. This road consists of 10 bridges and is the most complex part of the access road construction.

  • MDS – MAR-21/22 – Mahalaxmi & JV / Lok Bir-Dapche & JVess Road

Upgrading Access Road (UAR)- Upgrading of Jorpati-Sundarijal road (6.0 km), Jorpati Gokarna-Narayantar and Lamidanda – Melamchi Pul Bazar – Timbu (feeder road), 22.2 km.

In addition to the above roads, this package also includes:

Maintenance of Lamidanda-Timbu feeder road the Headworks access road and the four Adit Access Roads-Sundarijal, Sindhu, Gyalthum and Ambathan;
Construction of approximately 235 m length of road as an extension of the Sundarijal AAR up to Sundarijal Portal; and Construction of approximately 45 m length of road to access the Sindhu Adit portal.

  • MDS – UAR/02 – Marushin Shitaka Tundi Jv – Lamidanda – Melamchi Pul Bazar Upgrade
  • MDS/UAR/07 – Poppu-Jyoti Jv- 2Km upgrading of Jorpati – Rarayantar – Kokarna Temple Road

iii. Construction, Operation and Management of Camp site Offices
This refers the construction, operation and management of Camp site office at Malamchi Pool Bazar (main Camp) and Other Camps at Ambathan Adit, Gyalthum Adit, Sindhu Adit and Sundarijal Adit.

Not only at the Adit camps, the contractor should takeover and operate all existing services of Main Camp Site office located at Melamchi Pool Bazar. The construction of camp side residential building (Camp Site – II Phase) is contracted with:

  • Gauri Parbati-Danfe-Siruwa-Sanaula JV
  • China CMIIC Engineering Corporation – The accommodations for Empplyer, DSCs and themselves in all adit pointes – Sundarijal, Sindhu, Gyalthum and Ambathan. Also it is the responsibility of MDS contractor to operate and manage existing camp site office providing all sorts of service utilities.